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Good vs. Popular?

Last week, some good friends generously treated DH and I to a double date at an intriguing restaurant north of Seattle called the Grouchy Chef.  It was a totally unique and new dining… Continue reading

Soup Snob

We’ve reverted to mean here in Seattle.  People are back in their sensible rain boots, Gore-Tex, puffy jackets, and fleece.  Runny noses, germs and Kleenex are making their rounds along with the Halloween… Continue reading

The Great Divide

It’s been kind of an intense week.  After our second publically televised presidential debate I’m sure most of us have already drawn up divisive lines and made up our minds, irrespective of the… Continue reading

Seattle: Pet Literati Capital of the United States

I’m sure most all of you know that Seattle is home to some of today’s most recognizable American companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Costco. Boeing was also born in Seattle (we… Continue reading

The Conscience of a College Football Fan

It’s football season folks.  That crisp cool bite is back in the air.  The leaves are turning colors, and we are in the early half of the college football season where championships are… Continue reading

Modern Day Foraging: Grocery Adventures

Apologies as I’ve been remiss with my posting recently.  I think I’ve been so distracted by this long stretch of amazing Seattle sun that any mental excuse to be outside and not in… Continue reading

Brunch: Are you Savory or Sweet?

A typical weekend scene unfolded a few weeks ago.  DH and I were getting together with another couple at a popular breakfast spot.  The restaurant was crowded and loud—always a good sign for… Continue reading

Why I Love the Olympics: Obscure Sports, Televised

Goodbye Olympics.  Goodbye London.  Fare thee well, Dream Team.  It’s back to the grind. The last two and a half weeks have been somewhat lost to a flurry of Olympic binging.  Now I’m… Continue reading

The Shopping Sirens’ Sale Song

“Never again,” I said to myself. But of course, I remembered I had uttered the exact same phrase to myself last year. And yet there I was, back in the same place one… Continue reading

Since When Did Nerd Become Cool?

So I’ve got a question for you:  What’s up with all the retro eyewear, people? Have you also noticed the proliferation of heavy, plastic-framed glasses, circa the 1950s? Nerd is IN these days,… Continue reading