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In Search of a Moment of Silence

In the weeks leading up to the Christmas holidays, many of us often find ourselves running ragged attending or hosting holiday parties and various other end of year social gatherings.  Some of us… Continue reading

The Great Halloween Trade

Happy Halloween! OK, technically I guess it’s officially the day after Halloween if you’re reading this Friday post.  And if you reside in the US like me, you’re also probably wallowing in mountains… Continue reading

27 Jennifers and Other Name Tales

I’m sure many of you have seen the brilliant GIF infographic from Jezebel last week outlining the US’ most popular names for girls by state from 1960-2012.  I had a few main takeaways,… Continue reading

Got Motivation?

I’m not sure if you’ve already seen the clever (and very funny) Field Guide to Procrastinators by Twenty Pixels, but it’s certainly worth a visit. So exactly what kind of a procrastinator are… Continue reading

Dancers and Wallflowers

Last weekend was a perfect Seattle weekend.  We had a few amazing days of stunning fall sun and sunsets.  Our autumnal foliage started to reveal shades of yellow and red.  And it was… Continue reading

Irrational Fears

It’s fall and the weather has definitely changed here in Seattle.  Today happens to be sunny and beautiful, unlike the crazy storms we had blow through last weekend… (Um did you know that… Continue reading

The Purge and Brain Attrition

It’s been an interesting week here in American Taitai-land.  My Taitai task at hand was to try to clear out an entire bedroom full of old school files.  Thus much of my week… Continue reading

Waning Standards?

Apologies up front as I probably sound like an ornery old fogie. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of hand-wringing press these days highlighting the decline (and possible end) of Pax Americana. Countless newspaper… Continue reading

Seattle King of the Big Boxes

So earlier this week was a real departure from my normal shopping comfort zone as I found myself good and lost inside our nearest Costco.  (Yes, I know it’s just a giant rectangle,… Continue reading

Welcome to the Land of Clueless Pedestrians and Courteous (But Bad) Drivers

Some of you might have caught some of the recent articles boasting about Seattle’s gorgeous summer weather (yes, it’s true!) and our hardworking, industrious ways (also true.)  As a resident of this fair… Continue reading