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Modern Day Foraging: Grocery Adventures

Apologies as I’ve been remiss with my posting recently.  I think I’ve been so distracted by this long stretch of amazing Seattle sun that any mental excuse to be outside and not in… Continue reading

Seeking Authentic Chinese Food: Have Passport, Will Cross Border!

Since moving back to Seattle, I often get asked what are some of the things I miss most about living in Hong Kong.  What I miss most are my Hong Kong friends, and… Continue reading

Panda in the Hugo Boss

I apologize up front as this post is a little longer than usual, and some of the comments in this post may not be politically correct.  But I think I’ve finally been able… Continue reading

Ten Minutes

I never used to care about  ten minutes, but in Hong Kong, ten minutes is the deal-maker or breaker. As I dash into a cabin at the very front of the train, I… Continue reading