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The Conscience of a College Football Fan

It’s football season folks.  That crisp cool bite is back in the air.  The leaves are turning colors, and we are in the early half of the college football season where championships are… Continue reading

Why I Love the Olympics: Obscure Sports, Televised

Goodbye Olympics.  Goodbye London.  Fare thee well, Dream Team.  It’s back to the grind. The last two and a half weeks have been somewhat lost to a flurry of Olympic binging.  Now I’m… Continue reading

Small Town Girl

A few of you may already know this.  But for the rest of you, I’m going to confess a little secret. Despite my rants and raves about gourmet Chinese food in cosmopolitan cities… Continue reading

March Madness?

With Selection Sunday just behind me and hours of productivity lost to ESPN and CBS Sports, I’m reminded that the month of March represents much diversity in the world of sport, particularly in… Continue reading