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Small Town Girl

A few of you may already know this.  But for the rest of you, I’m going to confess a little secret. Despite my rants and raves about gourmet Chinese food in cosmopolitan cities… Continue reading

Seeking Authentic Chinese Food: Have Passport, Will Cross Border!

Since moving back to Seattle, I often get asked what are some of the things I miss most about living in Hong Kong.  What I miss most are my Hong Kong friends, and… Continue reading

Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit

As a girl, I always daydreamed about who my future husband might be and what married life would be like.  I had closely witnessed the married life of my parents, whose stable and… Continue reading


“But why do I have to wear it?!  It’s ugly and uncomfortable!!!” I whined.  “It’s not fair!  Davie doesn’t have to get dressed up!!  Mommmm, the dress gives me a rash!” My mother… Continue reading

Panda in the Hugo Boss

I apologize up front as this post is a little longer than usual, and some of the comments in this post may not be politically correct.  But I think I’ve finally been able… Continue reading

Confessions of a Modern Day Recluse

Ding-dong… diiiiing-donnnnng.  Knock knock knock. Even though I’m standing at the other side of the house folding laundry, my heart jumps and I freeze at the sudden noise.  I try my best at… Continue reading

March Madness?

With Selection Sunday just behind me and hours of productivity lost to ESPN and CBS Sports, I’m reminded that the month of March represents much diversity in the world of sport, particularly in… Continue reading

Ten Minutes

I never used to care about  ten minutes, but in Hong Kong, ten minutes is the deal-maker or breaker. As I dash into a cabin at the very front of the train, I… Continue reading